Han Restaurant

The restaurant at Hotel Han Istanbul – Old City offering outdoor and indoor facilities has the most beautiful examples of the Turkish and world cuisines in their menus. Our restaurant, just near the Basilica cistern, with the capacity to host individual guests and 10 to 50 people for group dinners .Han Restaurant is the first choice in all organizations in various concepts such as company dinners, fast-breaking meals (iftar meals), galas under the blue sky at the garden. Our breakfast hall, which you can see Hagia Sophia in its most beautiful situation, has a capacity of 50 people.

A seasonal Contemporary American menu utilising locally sourced ingredients from the northeast


  • Haydari Thick yoghurt with garlic and dill. ₺10
  • Hot Spicy Tomato Dip Consist of mashed tomato,pepper and tabasco sauce. ₺10
  • Humus Serviced as mashed chickpeas with tahini. ₺13
  • Stuffed Grape Leaves With meat and rice wrapped in vine leaves ₺15


  • Soup of the Day Soup of the Day ₺7
  • Fried Calamaris Fried Calamarise ₺22
  • Spring Rolls Ideep fried rolls with cheese filling. ₺10
  • Fried Potatoes Fried Potatoes ₺10

Kebab Menu

  • Adana Kebab Served with roasted tomato,banana pepper and with special bulgur wheat pilaf. ₺28
  • Tomato Kebab Served with roasted tomato, pepper and bulgur wheat pilaf as a side dishes of lamb and beef ₺28
  • Kebab With Onion Served with roasted onion,tomato,pepper and bulgur wheat pilaf. ₺30
  • Kebab With Aubergine Served with roasted onion,tomato and pepper ₺35
  • Special Van Kebap Roast veal with lamb tail fat stuffed with tomato,pepper,garlic,thyme and parmesan,served with rice ₺40
  • Skewers Grilled small Pieces of meat on wooden skewers and served with roasted tomato,pepper and bulgur pilaf ₺40
  • Lamp Chop Served with roasted tomato,pepper and bulgur pilaf. ₺42